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Maille Mayonnaise for gourmets catering quality 320g

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To invent this delicious Fine Mayonnaise recipe, the creators of Maison Maille have brought together their two most popular products: mayonnaise and Dijon Maille mustard. One detail can make the difference. A condiment can reveal the soul of a dish. Driven by passion and the quest for perfection, the chefs of Maison Maille design each recipe as a work of culinary art. Their obsession: to explore, select and combine the best ingredients to bring extra soul to each recipe. They are the heirs of a tradition and a creativity cultivated for more than 270 years. go, it's the touch that awakens and reveals the beauty of a dish. A touch of creativity which exacerbates the taste, increases the pleasure and satisfies the most demanding gourmets ... Maille products invite you to a journey into the world of flavors. With as passengers of choice: the passion for detail, the art of nuance and refinement. A little history… It was in 1747 that Antoine-Claude Maille, master vinegar maker, opened his shop in rue Saint-André des Arts in Paris. Very quickly, he became the official supplier to King Louis XV and then to European courts. The Maille house then becomes synonymous with excellence, refinement and know-how. It was in 1931 that the famous slogan “There is only Maille that goes to me” was created.

Ingredients: rapeseed oil, EGG yolk from free-range hens 9,2%, Dijon MUSTARD 6% (water, MUSTARD seeds, alcohol vinegar, salt), alcohol vinegar, water, salt, sugar, acidifier: lactic acid, natural pepper flavor, spices (including CELERI), antioxidant: rosemary extracts, coloring: carotenoids.

Nutritional Benefits

Nutritional values ​​per 100 g energy value (kJ) 3018 kJ / 100 g energy value (kcal) 721 kcal / 100 g fat 78 g / 100 g saturated fatty acids 6.5 g / 100 g carbohydrate 1.1 g / 100 g sugars 0.9 g / 100 g dietary fiber 0.6 g / 100 g protein 1.9 g / 100 g salt 1.1 g / 100 g


Store in the refrigerator after opening.

Allergy Information

egg - Celery - Mustard