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Like us, many French expats have not mourned their favorite brands and products. Whether it's the unmistakable taste of pure butter puff pastry or the irreplaceable pastry chocolate, it can be difficult to change your cooking habits. What French expatriate does not come back from his vacation in France, aka the great food supply, the suitcase loaded with delicious treasures? 


We created Mon Panier Latin so that we, our friends and all French people in the UK can easily buy what they need every day. It is easier to find high-end French products in the UK (very good but very expensive!) Than our everyday favorites: compotes, Ricorée, grated. And at a fair price! No question of Granola becoming luxury! 


At Mon Panier Latin, we don't try to criticize English products, we just want French people in the UK to have the choice of buying what they prefer. For us, the quality of everyday products is better in France because the French are very careful. The food industry must therefore play the game: the list of ingredients is always shorter and clearer on French articles which are mainly made in France with French ingredients, and therefore better quality control.


We are not a big machine but a small startup serving expats. Our customers are at the heart of our approach, which is entirely based on their satisfaction. It is therefore logical to let you control the products available on the shelves! Tell us what you are missing, vote for your favorite products and send us all your suggestions to make Mon Cart Latin really meet your needs.

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