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Lesieur Isio 4 4 seeds oil from France 1l

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ISIO 4 oil is the unique combination produced in France of 4 seed oils (Sunflower, Rapeseed, Oléisol® *, Flax) which brings you the benefits of 4 essential nutrients: - Omega 3 and 6 - Vitamin E - Vitamin D L ISIO 4 oil will perfectly season all your salads and raw vegetables, but is also suitable for cooking all your dishes in the pan, in the casserole, in the oven, and even in frying! * high oleic acid sunflower oil. 


Ingredients: Rapeseed oil 47%, sunflower oil 43%, Oleisol (high oleic acid sunflower oil) 5%, linseed oil 5%, coriander essential oil, vitamin D. Made in France from French rapeseed, sunflower and oleisol oils, and non-French flaxseed oils.


Store at room temperature and protected from light. Cooking + Seasoning + Frying. Avoid adding oil to a used bath and renew the whole after 10 frying. Gently introduce the food into the oil, maximum recommended temperature 180 ° C. Vitamin D content greatly reduced in cooking.

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I like Lesieur Isio 4 oils….

Diversity is excellent in us areas. As for oils,
they coax and improve by mixing:
Are they available in Bio +

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