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KNORR - Viandox broth 160ml

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Knorr® Viandox: a few drops, full of flavor! THE HISTORY OF THE BRAND Best quality is our philosophy when it comes to food. A philosophy applied for many decades. Our story begins in 1838, when Carl Heinrich Knorr opened a factory in Heilbronn, Germany, engaged in supplying chicory to coffee makers. He then began to experiment with dehydrating vegetables and seasonings in order to preserve their flavor. This is how the first Knorr dehydrated soups were launched across mainland Europe in 1873. A discovery that paved the way for progress. In 1889 a pea soup was launched, and in 1908 our mixture for sauces, a real feat at the time, on the European market. Creativity and a spirit of innovation have always driven our chefs. FLAVORS OF THE WORLD Knorr products are found in many countries around the world. We take great pride in the authentic perception of local flavors that we have gained, to bring you great tasting products and help you taste the authentic flavors of other cultures. By 1957, flagship products of the Knorr brand, such as bouillon cubes and soups, were sold in eight countries and by 2000, Knorr products were sold in almost 90 countries around the world. That same year marked a turning point in the brand's history, when Knorr joined the Unilever family.


Ingredients: water, salt, yeast extract, flavors (including WHEAT and CELERY), colors: E 150c and E 150a, SOY sauce (water, SOY seeds, WHEAT, salt), flavor enhancers: sodium glutamate, disodium inosinate and disodium guanylate, sugar, acidifiers: lactic acid and citric acid, glucose syrup, emulsifier: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids.

Nutritional Benefits

Nutritional values ​​per 100 g energy value (kJ) 213 kJ / 100 g energy value (kcal) 49 kcal / 100 g fat 0.5 g / 100 g saturated fatty acids 0.1 g / 100 g carbohydrate 6.8 g / 100 g sugars 2.7 g / 100 g dietary fiber 0.5 g / 100 g protein 5.4 g / 100 g salt 21.4 g / 100 g


Store in a dry place. Close after use.

Allergy Information

Soybeans - Gluten - Celery

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