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Jardin Bio Very fine peas, in 445g jar

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Origin France Made in France. 


INGREDIENTS: extra fine peas *, water, salt. * Products from organic farming. Underlined: French origin (100% organic agricultural ingredients).

Nutritional Benefits

Nutritional values ​​per 100 g energy value (kJ) 219 kJ / 100 g energy value (kcal) 52 kcal / 100 g fat 0.3 g / 100 g saturated fatty acids 0 g / 100 g carbohydrate 5.4 g / 100 g sugars 1.5 g / 100 g dietary fiber 5 g / 100 g protein 4.5 g / 100 g salt 0.47 g / 100 g Benefits and claims Product benefits No added sugar Peas France Consumer benefits No added sugar Peas France Advice & Consumption information Storage Keep cool afterwards opening and to consume quickly. Best before end / Lot number: see the lid. Na opening koel bewaren en snel consumeren. Ten minste houdbaar tot / Lotnr .: zie deksel. Operator contact / Consumer service Consumer service: Consumer Relations Service 23 AVENUE PAUL LANGEVIN 17180 PERIGNY. Operator service: NATURENVIE 23 AVENUE PAUL LANGEVIN 17180 PERIGNY Product characteristics 100 100 Innit score Personalize your score To personalize your innit scores, log in with your user account. CONNECT Nutritional Values ​​for 100g Energy 52 kcal Protein 4.5 g Fat 0.3 g Saturated fatty acids 0 g Sugars 1.5 g Salt 0.47 g Dietary fiber 5 g 0 additive in this product 0 to avoid 0 not recommended 0 tolerable (vigilance for certain populations) 0 acceptable Information Label Bio Bio Product Bio Product Bio Product FIND OUT MORE ABOUT INNIT © Source Innit Bio Bio Product refers to both certified organic agricultural food products according to European regulations on organic production (prohibition of the use of chemicals of synthesis, GMOs, etc ...), and also cosmetics certified ecological and organic according to private standards. Organic product Nutri-score The Nutri-score allows you to identify at a glance the nutritional quality of the product. You can thus identify the products to favor and those to consume occasionally or in small quantities. To classify each product, research teams have developed a score which takes into account, for 100 grams of product, the content: in nutrients and foods to be promoted: fibers, proteins, fruits and vegetables in nutrients to be limited: energy, saturated fatty acids, sugars, salt FIND OUT MORE Nutri-score Eco-Score The Eco-score shows you the environmental impact of food products. It was developed to promote a more sustainable diet. The calculation method estimates the impact of each stage in the life of a product (production, transport, store sales, cooking, packaging recycling) on ​​environmental pollution. It takes into account in particular: the mode of production the transport the geographical origin of the ingredients the recyclability of the packaging the impact on endangered species Sources of Eco-score calculations: The scores for Carrefour brand products are calculated by Conso Trust. National brand scores are calculated by Open Food Facts and can be viewed at "https://openfoodfacts.org". Some scores are gray, due to the lack of necessary information, it is not possible to calculate the Eco-score of these products. FIND OUT MORE Eco-Score No added sugars A product "without added sugars" means that the product does not contain sugars other than those it already naturally contains, hence the presence of the additional statement "contains naturally occurring sugars. ".


Keep cool after opening and consume quickly. Best before end / Lot number: see the lid. Na opening koel bewaren en snel consumeren. Ten minste houdbaar tot / Lotnr .: zie deksel.

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Juliette Poracchia
Organic Garden Peas

Tender and a little taste of France

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